ISO 22000 by SGS. With this certificate LABOREO guarantees food safety rules and traceability of all the organic grains we trade, from sowing to harvest, storage, screening operations and transport.

GTP by SGS (Good Trading Practices, COCERAL). This certification is especially focused on security of grains for animal feed, though also implementing GTP schemes within human food issues.

Organic Grain Trade Certificate (Certificate No.10218 by the Andalusian Organic Farming Committee-CAAE). CAAE is an officially regulates and controls organic farming in Andalusia and other regions in Spain, with guarantee of organic origin and quality of the organic grains LABOREO trades. Spain is the top EU estate in terms of organic crops production and acreage, and one of the most advanced of the world in organic farming techniques.

LABOREO has ISO 22000 by SGS since 2011.

LABOREO has GTP by SGS since 2014.

Nº CAAE 10218

LABOREO has Organic Grain Trade Certificate by CAAE since 2010.