LABOREO´s vision relays on full control and traceability of all organic grains we trade, from sowing to final delivery, wish special emphasis on food security. It is the best system to guarantee quality and homogeneity of our organic grains, combined with the use of sustainable organic production techniques, which preserve both, environment and natural resources.

LABOREO controls and manages grain production within different levels:

Direct farm management, belonging to LABOREO´s corporation or to our main partners.

Collaborating farmers network: we have a selection of organic grain producing farms, which we control and assess from sowing to harvest, within sustainable agriculture techniques.

Long term agreements with grain cooperatives and wholesalers.

Controlled storage of conventional and organic grains, in our own facilities or in external rented silos, complying with safe security rules from ISO 22000 and GTP. For organic grains we do also apply the official EU Regulation by CAAE.

Specific cleaning, screening and storage of organic high quality grains for the food industry.


LABOREO´s main goal with our clients and suppliers is to keep a superb personal and business relationship, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction of all parts within our business on the short, medium and long terms.

Our mission is to grow sustainable in terms of quantity and quality of the organic grains we trade, minimizing any type of complaints, making our business more attractive and profitable for our clients and suppliers.