LABOREO (Laboreo de Conservación, S.A.) is based in Córdoba (Andalusia, Southern Spain) and was founded in 1996 for farm management and trading of agricultural products, with a clear orientation to sustainable & environmentally friendly methods, in order to produce and trade high quality products.

Today our main activity is based on grain trade, especially organic grains (BIO). Our team´s international experience and the quality of our products has driven us towards external markets. Nowadays, LABOREO exports over 80% of total sales, mostly to European clients.

Our main certifications are ISO22000 (food safety), GTP (good trading practices) and CAAE (organic). The main pillar of our business is to supply high quality grains to the food/feed bio industry.

LABOREO shares other companies within food/feed and industrial sectors in Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha.

We belong to important agriculture-related lobbies: ACCOE, FCS SPAIN (ELO), ECOVALIA/CAAE and FUNDACION SAVIA.